Three Hong Kong temples you can’t miss

When we talk about Hong Kong, we usually remember the splendid views of Victoria Peak, Tian Tan’s impressive Buddha, his Skyline with the Symphony of Lights and his rich cuisine, but we can’t forget their temples. Some of them are really spectacular, so here are 3 Hong Kong temples that you can’t miss.

1. Man Mo Temple

There are several temples of this name, but the one in Sheung Wan which, without being particularly ostentatious, is one of the best temples in this place. It is one of Hong Kong’s oldest and it receives a lot of tourism. It maintains this ancestral charm brought by the penumbra of light, the dozens of incense spirals suspended from the ceiling and the transfer of the faithful who come and go after having their prayers. Without a doubt, is an essential place to cross the region.

2. Wong Tai Sin Temple

The temple of Wong Tai Sin, quite large, has many buildings and spectacular gardens that will delight those who visit them. It is a visually impressive place that looks like a mirage between the two skyscrapers and the bustle of the city. Although it is not a quiet place (there are usually many people). Its architecture contrasts with that of the surroundings of the metro station which bears the name of the temple.

3. Chi Lin Nunnery

Chi Lin Nunnery is a temple of nuns composed of tens of thousands of pieces of assembled wood (without using a single nail). This will remind us of the temples of Japan for their architecture. Its ponds of water lilies and lotus flowers will infect us with the peace and harmony that prevail throughout the enclosure perfectly balanced with nature following Feng Shui. A visit not to be missed, which also passes because it is located next to Nan Lian’s gardens in Diamond Hill.

We hope this information has been useful to plan your trip to Hong Kong!