Thousands of people defend the extradition law

We inform you that people gathered last Sunday, June 30, in front of the Hong Kong Police headquarters. Certainly, thousands of people defend the controversial extradition law.

They were defending the extradition law, which at the beginning of the month gave rise to one of the biggest protests in the territory against the Beijing Government.

Actually, this counter-protest has also served to support the work of the police forces during the past demonstrations. Civil organizations in the city harshly criticized the police for their unusual violence.

The law gave the possibility of extraditing to China some detainees in Hong Kong. However, the detractors considered a threat to the security of those arrested, given the precarious human rights situation.

The concentration (June 30, 2019)

Thousands of people defend the controversial extradition law

Obviously, last Sunday, the defenders of the territory’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, joined to demonstrate.

Then, on Monday, demonstrators against the law took the streets to commemorate the anniversary of the handing over of the territory to China by the British authorities in 1997.

Fortunately, the Hong Kong authorities have called for calm to avoid a possible incident. They are trying to resolve this critical situation.

Finally, Carrie Lam has not appeared in public since June 18, when she paralyzed debate over the law and apologized for the police action.

We will continue to inform you as this situation evolves. Anyway, we want to advice you that if you travel to the country you will have to apply for a pre arrival registration for Hong Kong.