The rights of a gay couple in Hong Kong

It is important to mention that the highest court in Hong Kong ruled on June 6, in favor of a gay official. He claimed tax rights for his partner, who was married in New Zealand. He got married abroad due to Hong Kong considers same-sex marriage illegal.

In 2017, Leung Chun Kwong, an immigration officer, denounced the government for not authorizing aid for her husband, Scott Adams. After the first judgment in favor of the plaintiff, the government appealed and a second court ruled otherwise.

Currently, the Final Court of Appeals has now taken the floor to support Leung Chun Kwong. The judges affirmed that, while they understand that the protection of marriage as an institution can have a legitimate objective, the Government has not been able to justify the difference in treatment.

The director of Amnesty International in Hong Kong, Man Kei Tam, thinks: “a huge step forward for equality”.

In conclusion, Hong Kong decriminalized homosexuality in 1991 and hosts an annual gay pride parade, but does not recognize same-sex marriage.

We will inform you of the next advances in Hong Kong. Effectively the rights of a gay couple in Hong Kong have to be real.

For this reason, it is our obligation to fight to achieve a society and a world free of discrimination.

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Good luck and enjoy your trip!