Protesters interrupted the train in Hong Kong

Unfortunately, last Tuesday July 30th, hundreds of protesters interrupted the train service in Hong Kong. Protests against the controversial law of extradition to mainland China have increased and today there are more people participating.

When the first demonstrations began, the central government did not think that the protests would have such popularity and reach. Everything started three months ago with a series of demonstrations against the bill. The population considered that it could suppose the violation of the rights of those who were put on trial.

Nowadays, it has become a series of protests against the local government and its relationship with Beijing.

Certainly, there are daily demonstrations that have affected the shops and businesses of the city. Now, there are more police in the streets and sometimes made excessive use of force against protesters.

Tuesday, July 30th

Last Tuesday, the protesters blocked the train doors and oligiated hundreds of people to leave the stations. They announced that their intention was not to bother people, they want to attract the attention of the authorities.

After the latest demonstrations, the government has confirmed the existence of very dangerous and radical protestants. In other words, they claim that there are many aggressive people who are dedicated to attacking agents and destroying the city.

In conclusion, people will continue to demonstrate until the Carrie Lam Government withdraw the law issued.

We will continue to inform you about the news. Anyway, we want to assure you that if you travel to Hong Kong, you won’t have any problem or inconvenience. We only recommend you to apply for a Hong Kong tourist visa before your trip.