The opposition returns to demonstrate in Hong Kong

Currently, Hong Kong is in a situation of chaos and disorder due to political circumstances. For this reason, the opposition returns to demonstrate in Hong Kong.

Last Sunday, July 7, thousands of demonstrators took the streets to explain the political conflict over the proposed extradition law to Chinese tourists.

In the first moment, the opposition only proposed to spread the message at the Tsim Sha Tsui train station.  After, the movement became a great manifestation. Unfortunately, the government authorities control the Chinese media so the news is limited.

The demonstration was peaceful and organized. They focused on the withdrawal of the extradition law and the withdrawal of charges against the detained protesters.

The movement began at 14 pm in Salisbury Garden and the march at 16 pm. Before leaving, the demonstrators took a minute in silence in memory of the four people who took their own lives.

In addition, during the demonstration, people brought slogans with phrases against the infiltrated policemen.

A protester declared that the police have deployed an important security device. He said that they wanted to generate a false impression announcing that the demonstration was dangerous.

Finally, we hope that this situation will be resolved immediately and the whole population calms down. It is necessary to resolve the problem because the opposition returns to demonstrate in Hong Kong every week.

Nowadays, the situation has not affected tourism so you can travel relaxed and enjoy the place. Please, do not forget to apply for a Hong Kong visa registration.

Enjoy your trip discovering Hong Kong as one of the most important cities in the world!