Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong

The Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong is one of the most picturesque places, especially for the reason of its construction. Its history is really interesting and we don’t have to go back many centuries to discover it. Next, we explain to you all about this temple that has helped young Chinese people so much in the past.

In the bustle and skyscrapers of Hong Kong, the temple of Man Mo is a small corner where tranquility reigns. He is still attended by believers who light incense to make petitions to the gods.

The temple of Man Mo, a tribute to war and letters

The temple of Man Mo in Hong Kong is a very unique place of worship. It was built in 1847. It is a Taoist temple that pays tribute to two very different gods. On the one hand, the god of letters, Man Cheong (born in 160) and, on the other hand, Mo, the god of war (born in 219).

It is said to be the oldest temple in the city, and also one of the most special for Chinese citizenship. For years it served as a place of worship for Chinese students.

However, the temple also served as a place to resolve conflicts in honor of the god of war. In fact, ceremonies were performed that consisted of cutting off the head of a chicken or burning a yellow piece of paper.

What Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong is like?

The temple of Man Mo is a very special place because of its interior appearance. There’s not much light inside. In it reigns a great penumbra only illuminated by the weak external reflections. In addition, it is enveloped in the smell of incense lit by believers, creating a very particular atmosphere.

Immersed in this atmosphere, the bright colours stand out, fundamentally red and golden. They are the classic colors of Chinese culture and here they represent the homage to the gods of war and letters. Inside there is also antique furniture, such as some wooden chairs carved in the nineteenth century.

As for its size, it is not exactly one of the largest temples in China. However, it has the charm of its antiquity in a city dominated by the most modern skyscrapers. For this reason, it is an indispensable visit to the city.

How to get to the Man Mo Temple?

This very special temple is located in the western district of the island of Hong Kong. He’s very well known, so you won’t have a problem finding him.

In addition, it is easily accessible by public transport. To go by bus, you have to take number 26 at the Landmark and continue for two stops to Hollywood Street and walk.

Otherwise, the temple of Man Mo is open every day from eight o’clock in the morning until six o’clock in the afternoon. Remember that during your visit you have to keep silent out of respect for the believers who are there praying. Don’t take photographs and, above all, enjoy your stay in one of China’s most peculiar temples.

A visit to Hong Kong’s Man Mo Temple can be a spiritual moment, even if you are not a follower of Chinese culture and traditions. The mysticism surrounding the interior of the temple is magical.

Do not leave the city without enjoying the special atmosphere of this temple, with its colorful and incense to honor the gods of letters and war.

We hope this article has been useful for you and you visit Hong Kong this summer!