Which are the most interesting cities in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is almost on every travel addicts list, the densely populated and colorful city welcomes millions of visitors each year. What makes Hong Kong unique is not only the history, culture and kitchen it is also the many 236 islands and the unique 18 districts which each offer something different. Hong Kong is home to more than 7 million people and if you have a need to escape the busy streets there are 18 regions you can run to. The shopping destination Shenzhen, architects dream Canton or every gamblers dream Macau is only one of the few most interesting cities of Hong Kong.

Shenzhen Hong Kong


The locals say that Hong Kong and Shenzhen are like two different worlds, connected only by a 15 minute ride, but completely different places. Shenzhen is a modern, technologically advanced and fast developing city ranking the 31st place in the New York Times must visit destinations. The city offers 271 kilometers of coastline full of beaches and resorts, city life with shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, stadiums and amusement parks.

Shenzhen city has a well-developed public transportation system, so getting around the city is very easy. Although everything is well connected the transportation can be very busy. It is recommended to visit the city for at least a week to get the best impressions, important information to keep in mind is that in order to travel to Shenzhen you will need a valid visa which can be either obtained upon arrival or applied for online.

To start off your day in the city take an early morning walk or run through the Lianhuashan Park, from here you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city, enjoy the smell of the flowers and blooming trees. After the park head to the Nanhai E-cool and enjoy a breakfast or brunch with a great selection of coffees and pastries, this area has many small cafes and restaurants. From Nanhai E-cool you can easily get to the Sea World, although the name suggests a water park it is actually a plaza filled with shops, restaurants and hotels. Not far from the Sea World is the Tien Hou Temple you can easily hop on the metro or bus and see the amazing temple which has a long history.

Before you head to a restaurant for a big lunch have a long walk through the Nanshan Mountain. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes as the trails consists of more than 700 steps and will take you around 2 hours to complete. If you still have some energy left we recommend having a romantic drink at the Meridian View Centre which offers you the view of the whole city.


Canton or also known as Guangdong is one of the 10 most popular tourist destinations. The city offers both modern and ancient experiences. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Chimelong Safari Resort, the resort offers meeting the animals and even touching them, Chimelong Circus with musical and acrobatics shows, Waterpark with fun rides as well as Bird Park with rare bird species.

For those who are not afraid of heights visit the Ascend Canton Tower, standing tall at 605 meters the tower includes a glass floor rooftop observatory with a beautiful view of the city.

For history lovers a must visit is the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall which was created in the late 1800s, currently offering visits to a Guangdong Folk Art Museum, the Sacred Heart Cathedral which took 25 years to build and now is the largest cathedral in Guangzhou and the Chen Clan Academy which is the ancestor worship place.

Canton city also offers night cruises along the Pearl River, which is the third largest river in China, with scenic views, beautiful bridges and thousands of lights shining bright through the night.

If you get overwhelmed with what the city has to offer book sightseeing tour-

Guided Cycle Tour of Guangzhou which takes 4 hours to complete and will take you to the most popular sights and tourist attractions around the city.

Guangzhou foodie tour is a 4 hours long tour offering the experience of trying the best foods from the Cantonese cuisine.

For the history and art lovers the Private Historical Guangzhou tour offers visiting Chen Clan Temple and its Guangdong Folk Art Museum, the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King and Six Banyan Temple.


Macau also known as Macao is the most densely populated regions in the world. Once you have enjoyed Hong Kong it is time to head to Macau which is only an hour away from the bustling city. The main language spoken in Macau is Cantonese although some people also speak English and Portuguese.

There are 3 main modes of transportation for this destination – sea, land and air.

The first and the most popular mode is the ferry. It takes about an hour and is currently operated by 2 main ferry companies.

If you choose to travel by land, you can hire a car, take a taxi or go by bus. The trip will take you across the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge in only 40 minutes.

The most pricey and extravagant way of traveling to Macau is by helicopter. The direct flight will only take you 15 minutes.

The city is most famously known for their casinos, The Venetian Macao is one of the most popular casinos in the world with hundreds of gaming tables, slot machines, retail stores, suites and restaurants.

Go to the St. Paul’s ruins; the cathedral was built in 1580 and still to this day standing proud. Learn the history of Macau by visiting the Monte Fortress. Take photos at the Senado square which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Go to the oldest temples of the city called the A-Ma Temple which still serves its purpose today.  Catch a glimpse of the Grand Lisboa which looks like a stunning lotus flower.

Macau is also known for their Michelin star restaurants –visit the restaurant Eight to taste the best of what the Cantonese kitchen has to offer or go to the 2 Michelin star restaurant Jade Dragon for the best barbecue pork and dumplings you will ever have.

These 3 cities are only a tiny part of what China and Hong Kong has to offer. Hong Kong attracts the best chefs, architects and professionals of the world. Hong Kong is a place with a rich history, culture and authenticity and it famously known for their capability to save their historical treasures as well as adapt to the modern world. Hong Kong is a must see city on every true tourists list.