How to travel from Hong Kong to Macau?

Once you have enjoyed Hong Kong it is time to head to Macau which is only an hour away from the bustling city. There are 3 main modes of transportation for this destination – sea, land and air.

The first and the most popular mode is the ferry. It takes about an hour and is currently operated by 2 main ferry companies, you can choose between the super or economy class.

If you choose to travel by land, you can hire a car, take a taxi or go by bus. The trip will take you across the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge in only 40 minutes.

The most pricey and extravagant way of traveling to Macau is by helicopter. The direct flight will only take you 15 minutes.

Macau Hong Kong

Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry

If you have chosen to travel by ferry you can find the Hong Kong Macau ferry terminal near the IFC Towers. The ferries are operated by two main ferry companies – Cotai Water Jet and TurboJet offering the same services but with slightly different prices.

If you wish to see Senado square, Macau Tower and more we recommend traveling by Turbojet which is closer to the city center.

If you have chosen to stop at the Taipa Ferry Terminal we recommend Cotai Water Jet.

The ferries make trips every 15 minutes and this is the mostly used station in Hong Kong as it is connected with the tram, minibus and MTR stations.

You might also go from the China ferry terminal located in Tsim Sha Tsui or Sky Pier at the Hong Kong International Airport, although it is only for the transiting tourists only.

The ferry prices are around 170 to 220 HKD for the single trip with the economy class and 350 to 390 HKD for a first class single trip ticket they can be purchased online as well as any ferry terminal, you do not have to book the tickets in advance although keep in mind that during the holiday and festival time you might want to arrive at the terminal a little bit before your departure to avoid long lines.

The ferries mostly operate from 7:00 am until 10 or even 11 pm. The travel time might differ depending on the weather and the rush hour as well as national events.

Hong Kong to Macau by helicopter

If you have chosen to travel in a more unique way you may travel using the Sky Shuttle helicopter services. During this 15 minute helicopter ride you will get to see the spectacular view of Hong Kong in all its beauty. There are approximately 55 daily flights from Hong Kong to Macau. The flight will cost you around 4,000 dollars.

Bear in mind that if you have chosen this mode of travel you must arrive at the passenger lounge in advance the same as you would before any flight. We recommend only bringing the essentials and checking the baggage allowance. We also suggest planning the shuttle trip to the travel lounge in advance. The travelers also must provide a valid travel document to be able to book the ticket and most importantly be able to board the helicopter.

There are travel companies which offer private tours where you can see an aerial view of the Big Buddha, Victoria Harbor as well as the beautiful city itself, this opportunity is the best for those who simply do not have time to visit and see the whole city. You can choose to buy a single ticket or organize a group flight which can fit a maximum of 6 people, unfortunately children who are 12 months or younger will not be allowed on the flight for safety measures. Although most helicopters provide 6 seats the company Sky Shuttle can fit 12 people groups, this company also provides special private tours.

We recommend bringing a photo camera to capture this special moment for the memories.

Hong Kong to Macau by car

If you choose to travel to Macau via road, here are a few options you might enjoy.

The most common mode of traveling the bus. Hong Kong public transport system gives you a lot of options: franchised buses, cross border buses, minibuses, shuttle busses, green buses, taxis, cars, private cars and many more. The bus will take you across the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge which is the longest sea crossing in the world. The bridge took 9 years to build and it is 55 kilometers long and it even has an underground tunnel.

You can either choose to book your ticket with the express bus company Chinalink or go by public bus 101X or 102X, the ticket fees are around 70 HKD and the trip will take you only 45 minutes. Please bear in mind that the immigration and customs have checkpoints at the departure and the final station. You can also catch a taxi from the Macau Maritime ferry terminal and Taipa Ferry terminal. If you have booked a hotel ask the staff for the shuttle bus opportunities which will bring you straight from and to the desired destination.

There are so many options to travel from Hong Kong to Macau that this trip is impossible to avoid. Book a tour package or travel solo. Make sure to visit casinos as Macau is mostly visited by those who love to gamble. The Venetian Macao is one of the most popular casinos in the world with hundreds of gaming tables, slot machines, retail stores, suites and restaurants.

Go to the St. Paul’s ruins; the cathedral was built in 1580 and still to this day standing proud. Learn the history of Macau by visiting the Monte Fortress. Take photos at the Senado square which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Go to the oldest temples of the city called the A-Ma Temple which still serves its purpose today.

Catch a glimpse of the Grand Lisboa which looks like a stunning lotus flower.

Bear in mind that most nationalities do not need a visa to travel to Macau, although make sure that you have a valid passport.