How to get a VISA for Hong Kong from India?

If you are traveling to Hong Kong from India, you must obtain the correct documents before traveling to have the most pleasant experience. Indian nationals need to know how to get Hong Kong VISA to avoid problems with entry or their stay. If you’re only going for fourteen days or less, you simply need to apply for a Pre-Arrival Registration.

PAR or Pre-Arrival Registration is required for Indian nationals to visit Hong Kong. The PAR allows Indian nationals to visit Hong Kong for up to fourteen days without a VISA. To get the PAR, Indian nationals need to simply fill out the correct application. Once approved, the PAR is valid for up to six months and allows VISA-free trips to Hong Kong for fourteen days at a time.

Indian nationals must also hold a valid passport if they wish to use a PAR to travel to Hong Kong. Since PAR only allows for short trips to Hong Kong, fourteen days or less, Indian nationals visiting Hong Kong with only a PAR and passport are not allowed to work in Hong Kong.

How do I get a tourist VISA for Hong Kong?

To get a tourist VISA to Hong Kong, Indian nationalists can register online so long as they have a valid passport that is valid for at least six months. Those wishing to travel to the HKSAR or Hong Kong Special Administrative Region must hold passports and must be Indian nationals. Without the PAR and passport filled out before boarding transport, whether boat or plane, the entry will be denied. Other requirements for entry into HKSAR include being able to pay for one’s stay without having to work, having a return ticket unless visiting Macau County or Mainland China, and a genuine purpose for visiting HKSAR.

Once approved, travelers are issued landing cards that detail their passport information, how long they’ll be staying in HKSAR, and the reasons they are visiting. Those visiting under PAR cannot work, become students at university, or start a business. Documents must be consistent throughout the process. The same passport used for registration must be presented when boarding the ship or aircraft. Documentation that is presented during boarding must also be presented upon arrival to HKSAR and also when departing and returning to India. If the correct documentation is not presented when arriving at the point of departure, registration will be canceled.

Can I get a VISA to Hong Kong online?

You can get a PAR to Hong Kong online. The application process can be found here, and it is recommended that you apply for the PAR approximately four to six week prior to your travel date. Remember that you can only travel to HKSAR for fourteen days on a PAR. If you would like to travel longer, you will need to apply for a VISA directly with Hong Kong.

Before you apply for a PAR, be sure to have all the required documentation available. If you do not, this can delay your registration. You need to be able to answer the following questions among others:

  • Why are you visiting Hong Kong?
  • When will you depart and when will you return?
  • How long will you be staying in Hong Kong?
  • Will anyone be traveling with you?

If you are visiting anyone in HKSAR, you may want to have a reference letter from them. If traveling with others, you’ll want to have their PAR information as well. In other words, the more information you have about your trip, why you’re going, and who you plan to visit when you arrive, the better. The process is designed to help keep travelers safe, so any information you can provide can be helpful.

Again, if you would like to visit HKSAR for longer, you’ll want to obtain a VISA, which can be obtained by visiting a Chinese embassy or consult. There are three locations in India: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, The Consulate General of China, and the Chinese Consulate-General. You can find more information on their websites.