How to apply for Hong Kong VISA from India

If you want to apply for a Hong Kong visa from India you must complete and submit the application for the Pre-Arrival visa before your travel to Hong Kong. The pre-arrival is valid for six months and allow you to visit for fourteen days. The application process is extremely simple. You would just fill out the app and answer questions about your travel, review your information, and then you would receive the approval or the denial.

This is how to apply for Hong Kong visa from India. Please, remember this has to be done before your travel. Since January 2017 Indians can no longer obtain a visa upon arrival. 

How to apply for a Hong Kong tourist VISA?

Applying for a Hong Kong VISA from is very simple and there are only about three steps you must follow. The pre-arrival registration application is done before your arrival in order to enter Hong Kong. First, fill out the application. This application would mainly ask for your traveler information. For instance the number of visitors, your residential address, country, etc. Once this is complete you will review all of your information you’ve entered and confirm your payment. The whole processing time is approximately fifteen minutes or less. After this that’s it! You will receive the result.

You can apply for tour VISA to Hong Kong online

Anyone can apply for a tourist VISA to Hong Kong online. Indian nationals just must apply before arrival. Ensure that all of the information you give is accurate and truthful.

To get the VISA online just fill out the application and answer some simple questions involving your travel. To submit an app you must have id and credit/debit. All visitors that want to go to Hong Kong are REQUIRED to have a valid travel authorization. You must also have a valid passport. Your passport must be valid for at least one month beyond the date you intend to stay.

The pre-arrival registration form for Indian nationals is valid for a period of six months and allow you to be able to visit up to a total of fourteen days. A person cannot re-register until the current registration they have on file has expired. Once expired a person can no longer enter Hong Kong with that registration. Indians whom have obtained this pre-arrival registration are not allowed to work in Hong Kong. A person must have significant financial means to cover their entire stay while in Hong Kong. Anyone who enters Hong Kong as a visitor cannot perform any paid or unpaid work, start a business, become a student at any type of school or university, nor can they start an enterprise. This is for the entire Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. To have a good travel experience to Hong Kong it’s better to pre-register and plan ahead before your travel.