Hong Kong or India: which one do you prefer?

Are you planning to visit Hong Kong or India? Both destinations have some things in common like mysticism and contrasts.
Do you want to know more about them to make your own decision? Keep reading!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a large city located in southeastern China, one of the most modern and densely populated cities in the world. It is a unique city due to its free port and its British past. It owns a mixture of cultures, of antiquity and modernity, which create a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

On the other hand, the mother tongue of 88% of Hong Kong’s population is Cantonese Chinese. Although English is the most used language nowadays. Chinese traditions are deeply rooted in the population but it is worth mentioning that the latest avant-gardes are well received and used in the city.

What to visit

Hong Kong is part of China since 1997, but it is actually an independent region. It even has its own currency and its people speak Cantonese.

Do not miss the following places on your next visit:

  • Climb to Victoria Peak.
  • Visit the Hong Kong History Museum.
  • Explore Lantau Island.
  • Climb the longest escalators in the world.

Typical food

If you are thinking of visiting Hong Kong, you cannot miss trying these dishes during your trip. Take note:

  • Skewer stick balls made with fish and curry.
  • Fried typhoon crab prepared with spicy spices, onions and garlic.
  • Roasted goose cooked in a coal oven.
  • Dim sums, which are steamed rolls filled with different flavors and made with rice dough.
  • Noodles and rice soup.

Traditions and most important celebrations

There are usually no handshakes between men and women, although there’s no problem between man and man and between woman and woman. Do not forget that things are given and received with both hands, especially gifts or a cup of tea.

New Year’s Day, Ching Ming, Labor Day, Buddha’s birthday, June Tuen Ng, the Dragon Boat Festival, The Fall Festival, the Chinese National Day and Chung Yeung are the main holidays of Hong Kong.


India is a sovereign country, it’s located in South Asia and it’s home of 1372 million inhabitants. It is the second country with the largest number of people in the world after the People’s Republic of China, with 1395 million.

Hindi and English are the official languages of the country although 22 more languages are also recognized.

What to visit

This is a small selection of the hundreds of places to visit in India. Take note!

  • Taj Mahal. Prince Sha Jahan Mumtaz Mahal ordered the construction of this mausoleum following the death of his beloved in 1632.
  • Old Delhi, the heart of the Indian capital. Be sure to visit the Chandni Chowk, the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid mosque.
  • Golden Temple.
  • Jaipur, The Pink City of India.
  • Jaisalmer, the Golden City.
  • Varanasi, the most sacred place in the whole country.

Typical food

In Indian cuisine you will find all kinds of stews made with legumes and vegetables, usually prepared with curries or masalas.

  • Samosa: A typical pie, stuffed with potatoes and vegetables.
  • Masala Dosa: A kind of rolled dough stuffed with potatoes, onion, curry, coriander, turmeric, rice and lentils.
  • Chole Bhature: A fried bread that is eaten with chole, a paste of spicy chickpeas and spices.
  • Tandoori chicken: A spiced roast chicken.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala: chicken marinated with yogurt and spices, which is made in the oven.

Traditions and most important celebrations

Indian society moves through hierarchies due to the influence of Hinduism. Everyone is aware of their social position regarding their family, friends or strangers.

Maha Kumbh Mela, the Holi Festival, Diwali, Giri Pradakshina and the day of the Indian Republic are some of the most celebrated dates in the country.

Both destinations have a unique mix of cultures, where energy and dynamism do not cease. Which one do you prefer?

Finally, if you visit Hong Kong from India you must request the HK Pre Arrival Registration. On the other hand, if you visit India, you will need an e-visa to enter the country. We assure you an incredible experience whether you visit Hong Kong or India.