The Government has made arrests before weekend protests

Hong Kong is currently going through one of its worst times due to the people’s outrage against the current Government. Today, August 30, the Government has made arrests before weekend protests.

Certainly, the authorities have arrested three pro-democratic leaders. The protagonists have been Andy Chan, Agnes Chow and Joshua Wong.

The main objective of these arrests has been to dismantle the large-scale protests this weekend. These focus on commemorating the anniversary of the beginning of the protests in 2014 known as the Umbrella Movement.

The three key leaders in favor of democracy

First of all, the first arrest took place last Thursday, August 29. Authorities arrested Andy Chan, the leader of the Hong Kong Pro-Independence National Party, for attacking a police officer.

On the other hand, this morning 30th of August, they have arrested Joshua Wong y Agnes Chow. The two activists are part of Demosisto, a pro-democracy organisation advocating self-determination.

After the last events, the next Saturday protest has been canceled. The authorities have rejected the appeal and have not authorized the demonstration. Anyway, thousands of people are expected to demonstrate on Saturday, disobeying police orders.

Carrie Lam and her latest statements

Carrie Lam said that the increase in violence is seriously affecting the Asian financial centre. For this reason, the Communist Party authorities have announced their possible intervention to calm the violence.

The problems began with Carrie Lam’s entry to power and his proposed extradition law. Currently, this bill is only paralyzed, but people are struggling to make it disappear.

In conclusion, after the arrests before weekend protests, if the situation does not improve in the next days, outside agents will intervene to solve the problem in their own way.

Please, note that you must request a HK Pre Arrival Registration if you plan to travel to the territory. It is a mandatory permit to enter the country and very important due to the current situation.

In the coming days, we will try to give you more information about the situation and the next performances.