Germany gives asylum to Hong Kong activists

We inform you that Germany gives political asylum to Hong Kong activists accused of a public disorder in 2016. For this reason, the head of the Hong Kong Government, Carrie Lam, has complained to Germany.

Also, Lam organized a meeting with the General German Consul in Hong Kong, David Schmidt, after learning from the local press that Angela Merkel’s executive had granted refugee status to these two activists.

Certainly, the regional leader expressed “her profound rejection and firm opposition to this situation”, according to the Hong Kong Government.

In addition, she reproached to Germany for “unjustifiably undermining Hong Kong’s international reputation for the rule of law and judicial independence”.

The activists are Ray Wong, 25, and Alan Li, 27. They are accused of participating in the riots in Mong Kok in February 2016. It occurred when The Police acted against street vendors in this Hong Kong district.

In conclusion, Wong and Li have become the first Hong Kongers to receive political asylum in Europe.

It is clear that both countries need to solve these problems and improve their relationship.

We think that is important that you know the actual situation of the country and their problems if you are thinking about travelling to Hong Kong.