The famous Hong Kong street food

Firstly, in Hong Kong is very common to eat out. For this reason, this place offers gastronomic options for all tastes and pockets. Next, we will tell you the most famous Hong Kong street food.

The 10 best dishes

1. Curry fish balls

Firstly, this dish consists of small balls of fish dough. In addition, these are fried and then they add the curry sauce.

2. Waffle

It is a waffle with a very fluffy dough made with egg. The waffle is round and the most typical topping are peanut butter and condensed milk.

3. Stinky Tofu

Certainly, it is only tofu, fermented with milk and other spices.

4. Hong Kong Pastelzinho

Next, the main ingredient is the egg. Physically this is similar to the cakes of Bethlehem, but the taste is totally different.

5. Assorted kebabs

This dish consists of skewers composed of several ingredients: fish balls, squid, octopus tentacles, sausages, intestines, sweetbreads, etc. Also, these are fried and then seasoned with sauce.

6. Fried vegetables with fish

In the streets of Hong Kong, a variety of fried vegetables such as aubergines and chili peppers, stuffed with a fish paste are offered.

7. Bao

This is not exactly a dish. In Hong Kong, there are a large number of bakeries that offer a variety of bread. Certainly, people buy bread and fill it with cheese, tuna, chocolate, etc.

8. Waffle egg

It is cooked with egg, sugar, flour, and light evaporated milk. These are preferably served hot. After that, it can be eaten alone or accompanied by fruit.

9. Rice with milk and beans

This dish is a sweet pudding, made with sugar and well-cooked rice until it has a sticky consistency. Then, they add the beans.

10. Food from 7-11!

Finally, this concept collects convenience stores that exist in every corner of Hong Kong.

In conclusion, we hope that you taste some of these dishes and enjoy the famous hong kong street food when you travel to Hong Kong!