Enjoy a day in Hong Kong Island

Firstly, Hong Kong Island is the most modern and western part of Hong Kong. Actually, it is where you can find the British influence, due to it was the first territory under English rule in 1841.
Today, it is an avant-garde area, with many skyscrapers, shopping centres and fashion clubs. Next, we recommend you the main sights of this beautiful island to see in a day.

What to visit in a day?

We advise you to start the morning by heading to the Causeway Bay area and visiting Victoria Park. During the morning, it is common to find many gentlemen intending to do Tai Chi. The park is large and well maintained. Also, there are running tracks, relaxation areas and a small bathtub where you can play with the remote-controlled boat.

After that, we recommend that you enjoy a walk through the oasis of peace and immerse yourself in the frenzy of Causeway Bay. The area is full of shopping malls.

Do not forget to be at 12 o’clock sharp at Noonday Gun, the old canyon that has been firing a shot every day at midday since the mid-1800s. It’s a fairly quick ceremony and not very frequented by tourists. It’s a ritual that has been repeated for over a century.

Once you’ve visited this area, take the metro or the famous double-decker trams and head to the central area. There you can get the Bank of China, but remember that to enter you will need your ID. You can go up to the 43rd floor, where you will find a panoramic window overlooking the city and the bay.

In addition, in the Central area, to have lunch you can go to the Chef Mak Kwai Pui’s Michelin-starred restaurant Tim Ho Wan. If you have the opportunity to go, you will taste many delicacies of this typical Cantonese food. The restaurant is located near the IFC Mall, one of Hong Kong’s largest shopping malls.

After stopping for lunch and visiting the mall, you can start exploring the Hollywood Road area.

On the other hand, the first stop from Central is the Escalator. This is the world’s longest escalator, which allows you to comfortably climb the medium levels in about 20 minutes. The most beautiful stretch of the escalator is undoubtedly the one along Shelley Street, a street full of restaurants and cafes.

Then, start walking through Hollywood Road to the Man Mo Temple. Each corner offers a unique glimpse. It moves from the traditional Asian stalls that sell fruits, vegetables and meat to the super-modern locals, in a mix of the old and the modern. The temple is very nice to see.

Finally, at the end of the day, just a few steps from the temple, is Cat Street, the antique street per excellence in Hong Kong. You’ll find antique shops and stalls selling a bit of rubbish, all immersed in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Do not hesitate to visit Hong Kong and discover the culture.