The consequences of clashes in Hong Kong

We inform you about the consequences of clashes in Hong Kong. Currently, at least 23 people have been injured after the clashes last Saturday, July 27 between police and protesters.

Certainly, initial protests against the controversial law of extradition to China have increased to provoke government reaction.

Saturday, 27th of July: the facts

The main stage of last Saturday was Yuen Long, in the north of the island of Hong Kong. In this place, members of the Chinese mafia ordered by the Police attacked to the protesters.

For this reason, the Civil Front for Human Rights have accused the Hong Kong authorities of employing these “thugs” since the 2014 Umbrella Revolution to stop the fight.

Subsequently, the Government issued a statement accusing protesters of violating the peace and the law. In addition, during the statement, they added that the police will take any action to stop the violent protesters.

An unstoppable fight

After last June 9, two months of struggle, Hong Kong has been the scene of numerous demonstrations. It all started when a million people gathered to demand the withdrawal of a bill that would allow all defendants to pass through the territory to mainland China.

The Government of Carrie Lam suspended the parliamentary process but did not withdraw the bill. For this reason, the demonstrations have continued and in addition, they are currently fighting for the resignation of the current leader.

On the other hand, Pekín has expressed its full support for the Government of Lam and has accused the United Kingdom and the United States of encouraging protests in Hong Kong.

Finally, the territory continues with the problems but fortunately this not affect to enter the country as a tourist. Thus, if you apply for a pre arrival registration for Hong Kong, you won’t have any problem.