Carrie Lam has withdrawn the extradition law

Carrie Lam has withdrawn the extradition law

The Hong Kong leader gives in to the people’s request

In this article, we have been forced to announce you the final decision of the Hong Kong Government: Carrie Lam has withdrawn the extradition law. The president announced yesterday, September 4, her intention to regain control and end conflicts.

Unfortunately, the proposed law published on April 3, 2019 triggered massive protests. Certainly, this fight has mobilized hundreds of thousands of people.

After that, it is a fact that the opposition has fought to avoid the sedition of any suspect to the Chinese mainland.

What intentions does Lam really have?

Carrie Lam has withdrawn the extradition law and her intention is to create dialogue between the Government and the citizens of Hong Kong. She wants to fight for freedom of opinion.

After announcing the withdrawal, it does not seem that the citizens have enough since only one of the five petitions has been carried out:

  • The creation of an independent commission that investigates police behavior.
  • The waiver of charges against detained protesters.
  • The withdrawal of the qualifier “revolt” on the demonstrations.
  • The application of universal suffrage.
  • The effective withdrawal of the extradition law.

Lam has only agreed to withdraw the law and has no intention of satisfying the other requests. It seems that she doesn’t want to improve the democratic mechanisms of the city.

In addition, the population thinks that the withdrawal of the law has been to gain time. In this way, they could celebrate October 1, the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, without incidents.

Due to the latest events, Lam has the lowest popularity ever recorded by a government leader since Hong Kong returned to China.

Finally, Lam has announced that at the moment will not present her resignation. After that, people have confirmed that will continue with the demonstration next Saturday, September 7.

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Bilateral trade between Hong Kong and India

Bilateral trade between Hong Kong and India

Protests do not affect the trade between India and Hong Kong

First of all, we want to inform you that India has suffered a drop in its exports to Hong Kong. Initially, all the blame was attributed to the critical situation that Hong Kong is living. Later, it has been confirmed that the fall has been due to the economic scenario of India. We can confirm that the bilateral trade between Hong Kong and India has not weakened.

A reciprocal relationship between countries

Unfortunately, Hong Kong is experiencing one of its worst moments in history due to protests against extradition laws. Fortunately, this has not caused a break in relations with India. The relationship between both countries is mutually beneficial, so it is unlikely to break.

In addition, Hong Kong remains a safe territory and its financial market is still working very well. For this reason, India has no reason to break relations.

Also, India has suffered a drop in its exports of gems and jewels. Anyway, it has been able to recover by increasing the export of electronic products. Nowadays, Hong Kong is one of the main countries where India exports.

It is a fact that Hong Kong will never cease to be a destination for India since to reach the international market this will need their help. Certainly, India will participate in the HKTDC (Hong Kong Electronics Fair) in October 2019. This event will give great opportunities to all participating countries.

Hong Kong, an essential piece

Currently, Hong Kong is the key to the proper functioning of some world economies due to is one of the most important financial centers in Asia.

For this reason, if China decides to intervene in the Hong Kong protests, it would have serious consequences on its economy. Certainly, Hong Kong is the first trading partner of China and the main destination for Chinese companies that want to be publicly traded outside the continent.

In conclusion, this critical situation is not affecting bilateral trade between Hong Kong and India. Anyway, it is important to solve the problem and return to a situation of balance due to the importance of the country in the world economy.

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The Government has made arrests before weekend protests

Arrests before weekend protests

A repression against pro-democratic activists

Hong Kong is currently going through one of its worst times due to the people’s outrage against the current Government. Today, August 30, the Government has made arrests before weekend protests.

Certainly, the authorities have arrested three pro-democratic leaders. The protagonists have been Andy Chan, Agnes Chow and Joshua Wong.

The main objective of these arrests has been to dismantle the large-scale protests this weekend. These focus on commemorating the anniversary of the beginning of the protests in 2014 known as the Umbrella Movement.

The three key leaders in favor of democracy

First of all, the first arrest took place last Thursday, August 29. Authorities arrested Andy Chan, the leader of the Hong Kong Pro-Independence National Party, for attacking a police officer.

On the other hand, this morning 30th of August, they have arrested Joshua Wong y Agnes Chow. The two activists are part of Demosisto, a pro-democracy organisation advocating self-determination.

After the last events, the next Saturday protest has been canceled. The authorities have rejected the appeal and have not authorized the demonstration. Anyway, thousands of people are expected to demonstrate on Saturday, disobeying police orders.

Carrie Lam and her latest statements

Carrie Lam said that the increase in violence is seriously affecting the Asian financial centre. For this reason, the Communist Party authorities have announced their possible intervention to calm the violence.

The problems began with Carrie Lam’s entry to power and his proposed extradition law. Currently, this bill is only paralyzed, but people are struggling to make it disappear.

In conclusion, after the arrests before weekend protests, if the situation does not improve in the next days, outside agents will intervene to solve the problem in their own way.

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In the coming days, we will try to give you more information about the situation and the next performances.

Protesters interrupted the train in Hong Kong

Protesters interrupt the train

Protesters interrupted the train station

Unfortunately, last Tuesday July 30th, hundreds of protesters interrupted the train service in Hong Kong. Protests against the controversial law of extradition to mainland China have increased and today there are more people participating.

When the first demonstrations began, the central government did not think that the protests would have such popularity and reach. Everything started three months ago with a series of demonstrations against the bill. The population considered that it could suppose the violation of the rights of those who were put on trial.

Nowadays, it has become a series of protests against the local government and its relationship with Beijing.

Certainly, there are daily demonstrations that have affected the shops and businesses of the city. Now, there are more police in the streets and sometimes made excessive use of force against protesters.

Tuesday, July 30th

Last Tuesday, the protesters blocked the train doors and oligiated hundreds of people to leave the stations. They announced that their intention was not to bother people, they want to attract the attention of the authorities.

After the latest demonstrations, the government has confirmed the existence of very dangerous and radical protestants. In other words, they claim that there are many aggressive people who are dedicated to attacking agents and destroying the city.

In conclusion, people will continue to demonstrate until the Carrie Lam Government withdraw the law issued.

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The consequences of clashes in Hong Kong

The consequences of clashes in Hong Kong

The clashes between police and protesters in Hong Kong

We inform you about the consequences of clashes in Hong Kong. Currently, at least 23 people have been injured after the clashes last Saturday, July 27 between police and protesters.

Certainly, initial protests against the controversial law of extradition to China have increased to provoke government reaction.

Saturday, 27th of July: the facts

The main stage of last Saturday was Yuen Long, in the north of the island of Hong Kong. In this place, members of the Chinese mafia ordered by the Police attacked to the protesters.

For this reason, the Civil Front for Human Rights have accused the Hong Kong authorities of employing these “thugs” since the 2014 Umbrella Revolution to stop the fight.

Subsequently, the Government issued a statement accusing protesters of violating the peace and the law. In addition, during the statement, they added that the police will take any action to stop the violent protesters.

An unstoppable fight

After last June 9, two months of struggle, Hong Kong has been the scene of numerous demonstrations. It all started when a million people gathered to demand the withdrawal of a bill that would allow all defendants to pass through the territory to mainland China.

The Government of Carrie Lam suspended the parliamentary process but did not withdraw the bill. For this reason, the demonstrations have continued and in addition, they are currently fighting for the resignation of the current leader.

On the other hand, Pekín has expressed its full support for the Government of Lam and has accused the United Kingdom and the United States of encouraging protests in Hong Kong.

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