Carrie Lam has withdrawn the extradition law

In this article, we have been forced to announce you the final decision of the Hong Kong Government: Carrie Lam has withdrawn the extradition law. The president announced yesterday, September 4, her intention to regain control and end conflicts.

Unfortunately, the proposed law published on April 3, 2019 triggered massive protests. Certainly, this fight has mobilized hundreds of thousands of people.

After that, it is a fact that the opposition has fought to avoid the sedition of any suspect to the Chinese mainland.

What intentions does Lam really have?

Carrie Lam has withdrawn the extradition law and her intention is to create dialogue between the Government and the citizens of Hong Kong. She wants to fight for freedom of opinion.

After announcing the withdrawal, it does not seem that the citizens have enough since only one of the five petitions has been carried out:

  • The creation of an independent commission that investigates police behavior.
  • The waiver of charges against detained protesters.
  • The withdrawal of the qualifier “revolt” on the demonstrations.
  • The application of universal suffrage.
  • The effective withdrawal of the extradition law.

Lam has only agreed to withdraw the law and has no intention of satisfying the other requests. It seems that she doesn’t want to improve the democratic mechanisms of the city.

In addition, the population thinks that the withdrawal of the law has been to gain time. In this way, they could celebrate October 1, the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, without incidents.

Due to the latest events, Lam has the lowest popularity ever recorded by a government leader since Hong Kong returned to China.

Finally, Lam has announced that at the moment will not present her resignation. After that, people have confirmed that will continue with the demonstration next Saturday, September 7.

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