Bilateral trade between Hong Kong and India

First of all, we want to inform you that India has suffered a drop in its exports to Hong Kong. Initially, all the blame was attributed to the critical situation that Hong Kong is living. Later, it has been confirmed that the fall has been due to the economic scenario of India. We can confirm that the bilateral trade between Hong Kong and India has not weakened.

A reciprocal relationship between countries

Unfortunately, Hong Kong is experiencing one of its worst moments in history due to protests against extradition laws. Fortunately, this has not caused a break in relations with India. The relationship between both countries is mutually beneficial, so it is unlikely to break.

In addition, Hong Kong remains a safe territory and its financial market is still working very well. For this reason, India has no reason to break relations.

Also, India has suffered a drop in its exports of gems and jewels. Anyway, it has been able to recover by increasing the export of electronic products. Nowadays, Hong Kong is one of the main countries where India exports.

It is a fact that Hong Kong will never cease to be a destination for India since to reach the international market this will need their help. Certainly, India will participate in the HKTDC (Hong Kong Electronics Fair) in October 2019. This event will give great opportunities to all participating countries.

Hong Kong, an essential piece

Currently, Hong Kong is the key to the proper functioning of some world economies due to is one of the most important financial centers in Asia.

For this reason, if China decides to intervene in the Hong Kong protests, it would have serious consequences on its economy. Certainly, Hong Kong is the first trading partner of China and the main destination for Chinese companies that want to be publicly traded outside the continent.

In conclusion, this critical situation is not affecting bilateral trade between Hong Kong and India. Anyway, it is important to solve the problem and return to a situation of balance due to the importance of the country in the world economy.

Please, keep in mind this last tip related to travelling to Hong Kong or India. Currently, you need a mandatory visa to enter both countries: the Hong Kong PAR for Indians to enter Hong Kong and the e-Visa to enter India.

We hope you can visit both countries in the future!