What is the best time to travel to Hong Kong?

With nearly perfect weather all year long as well as endless entertainment and rich history Hong Kong is a city you can travel to all year long.

If you are planning to visit the city for leisure and looking for fun we recommend January and February when the city celebrates the Lantern festival which marks the end of the Chinese New Year, the cities sky’s turn into a beautifully lit fairytale symbolizing the reunion of the family.

If you are more into walking the busy streets and spending some money you must visit Hong Kong during the shopping season, a tip – visit during the winter or summer sales season.

Hong Kong

Weather in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and dry and cold winters, if you enjoy staying in the sun you will best enjoy Hong Kong from May to September when the temperature stays around 30 degrees Celsius, but if you want to cozy up in a warm coat visit the city from December to February when the temperature drops down to 10 degrees.

Hong Kong summers are very hot a humid, bear in mind that it is an active rain, typhoon and thunderstorm season. If you visit in summer make sure to pack rain boots, sunscreen, and an umbrella, it is also recommended to stay active on social media and follow the weather forecasts. Spring can be a tricky season to visit the city with rain and storms in the morning to sunshine and a warm breeze during the evenings. A Hong Kong winter can be quite pleasant it doesn’t get too cold and the temperature only drops to 10 degrees.

So when asked- when is the best time to visit Hong Kong the answer is definitely in-between the hot and the cold months – September to December with warm and sunny weather as well as the best view of the Victoria Peak, tough bear in mind that this season might be quite busy due to the national holidays.

Peak and low seasons to fly to Hong Kong

There are many aspects that need to be considered when planning your trip to Hong Kong – the type of travel, preferred weather, as well as your personal interests.

If you want to plan your trip around weather the perfect time to visit will be October to December.  This is also the time of the festival as well as shopping. During the spring from March till May, the tourist crowds calm down and it is easier to see the islands, although bear in mind that around this time the hotels, as well as local businesses, increase their prices. Summer season will be the opposite of the spring as the prices are lowered and the shopping season is starting offering big discounts, although that is the time of typhoons, rain and storms, so you might as well take advantage of the sales and enjoy the rain with brand new rain boots and umbrella. Summer is also the holiday season hence the resorts and beaches might be overcrowded. If you plan on traveling in summer make sure that your travel plans are flexible, due to the high rainfall and bad weather a lot of summer flights are cancelled.

October is the busiest month to visit Hong Kong, the hotels are booked in advance and the city gets very crowded. Some enjoy this month as the humidity is at its lowest as others enjoy the National Day which marks the foundation of the People’s Republic of China celebrating the day with spectacular fireworks show.

Annual Events in Hong Kong

If you are planning to visit Hong Kong you must enjoy at least one of the colorful festivals and events that city hosts, we recommend planning the transportation as well as accommodation in advance as the prices tend to go up and the city is swarming with locals and tourists.

If you have planned your trip in January and February you will not be able to miss the Chinese New Year as this is the most cheerful and colorful event in the whole year. The Chinese New year is a nonstop 15 day party filled with parades, music and fireworks. This time of the year is the busiest so make sure you have planned well in advance. Main events to see in January are suck as – New Year’s fireworks, dragon and lion dance festival, New Year’s horse racing and well-wishing festival.

Then comes the month of March which is considered one of the main culture and creativity months filled with arts festivals, film festivals as well as variety of fairs.

If you plan on visiting the city in April or May, you must join the Buddha celebrations as well as the Dragon Boat festival.

When the heat is rising in summer months June and July hosts many water related events like dragon boat festival which continues from the month of May as well as many arts and music festivals.

Watch out for the Autumn festivals, the city hosts mid-autumn festivals, lantern carnivals, hungry ghost festival which are always celebrated by massive and colorful firework shows.

No matter when you choose to visit Hong Kong there will always be something to do as the city never sleeps, the month of October celebrated the national day and host the Macau international fireworks contest, November celebrated Halloween which shows how the Chinese and western traditions are combined. There are events for sports, arts, culture and food lovers, so pack a comfortable pair of shoes charge your camera and head into the adventure.