5 reasons to travel to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a perfect place for lovers of big cities. A cosmopolitan and lively corner of Asia, with a wide variety of colonial influences, which has shaped a territory rich in culture, history and interesting places. We could give thousands, but we offer five reasons to visit Hong Kong.

1. Victoria Peak

The summit of Mount Victoria, which rises to an altitude of 554 metres, is the most prestigious residential area on the island. Also, is one of the landmarks that travellers should not miss in Hong Kong. The ascent by funicular takes you to a summit where a privileged 360-degree view of almost the entire territory is envisaged. After that, in the distance, you can see the Chinese islands of the South Sea. In addition, we can regain our strength in the hill tram terminal, which houses the so-called Peak Tower with a cafeteria, restaurant, supermarket and several shops.

2. Lantau Island

Lantau is the largest of all the surrounding islands, but its population does not exceed 20,000 inhabitants, with an area twice as large as Hong Kong. A ferry will take you from Hong Kong to Silvermine Bay, the island’s main city and an ideal place to enjoy a good seafood lunch. However, the jewel of the place is located on the Ngong Ping plateau, where the largest bronze Buddha statue is built outside (no less than 34 meters high). In addition, it will not hurt to go to the beautiful tea gardens nearby.

3. The beach

Hong Kong due to its pleasant climate is an ideal destination to enjoy the coast. For instance, places such as Stanley Beach, Lo So Shing Beach or Silvermine Bay will surprise you with their beauty and facilities that will make our visit as comfortable as possible.

4. Nightlife

Hong Kong night is the most fun and varied. You can choose from a range that includes a visit to the night markets, seeing the Symphony of Lights of the Bay, stopping at the Lan Kwai Fong consumer area and discover its cosmopolitan atmosphere or visiting the Happy Valley Racecourse. Also, you will be surprised by the good work of the club servers in preparing delicious cocktails.

5. Festivals

Hong Kong has an avalanche of festivals and celebrations all year round. You must be careful about the date you choose for your trip, because we can enjoy celebrations such as the Chinese New Year, between January and February, the Farolillos Festival (a bit like an oriental version of Valentine’s Day) or the Mid-Autumn Festival, linked to the harvest and tasting of the famous “moon cake”.

Now, you know the main reasons to visit and discover Hong Kong! You cannot miss the experience!