Hong Kong Pre-arrival Registration

Hong Kong VISA for Indians

Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals

Registration before arrival in Hong Kong for Indian nationals

All Indian nationals need a PAR registration (before arrival) in order to enter Hong Kong. Applicants of Indian nationality can easily obtain the Pre-Arrival Visa by completing and submitting the application online to travel to Hong Kong.

The PAR can be obtained by completing the online application form (here), which contains simple questions about the applicant and travel plans.

Registration before the arrival of Indians to Hong Kong

The pre-arrival registration of Indian nationals was initiated following a decree issued by the Hong Kong authorities in January 2017. The PAR (pre-arrival registration) allows Indians to enter Hong Kong (HKSAR). The PAR is valid for a period of 6 months and allows visits of up to 14 days.
The registrant may not re-register until the current registration has expired.

Hong Kong Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals (PAR)

Eligible candidates for PAR

  • All Indian citizens with a valid passport must apply for a PAR visa when entering and staying in Hong Kong for up to 14 days. Fortunately, you can register online via our services.
  • PAR allows multiple entries in Hong Kong (HKSAR). The trip may extend beyond the expiry date of the Visa as long as the holder enters Hong Kong before the expiry date.
  • The PAR is valid for 6 months.
  • Once the PAR expires, it becomes invalid and can no longer be used to enter Hong Kong.

Passport and Policies

The following information is important for the application procedure for Indian nationals prior to arrival:

  • Applicants must have an Indian passport valid for six (6) months.
  • Indian citizens with PAR are not allowed to work in Hong Kong.
  • Entitlement to Pre-arrival registration.
  • To travel with the PAR system to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, all applicants have to be Indian nationals and hold an Indian passport.

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More information about Hong Kong PAR Visa

Before boarding a means of transport (ship, aircraft, vehicle or other means of transport) to the Hong Kong SAR, carriers shall verify that the applicant has a valid travel document. In this context, before boarding and upon arrival in the Hong Kong SAR, the declarant must be in possession of the registration form and valid Indian passport applied for registration prior to arrival. If these two documents are not presented, they will be refused to board a means of transport for the Hong Kong SAR and entry into the Hong Kong SAR on arrival.

The issuance of the notification form does not guarantee the entry of the applicant into the HKSAR. The applicant will continue to be subject to immigration control in accordance with the provisions of the Immigration Ordinance, Chapter 115, Hong Kong Laws.

In general, a person who intends to enter the Hong Kong SAR for visiting purposes must meet the normal entry requirements (e.g. a valid travel document must be available to return to their country of residence or citizenship, must not pose security or crime problems in the Hong Kong SAR, pose a threat to the HKSAR, etc.), have a genuine visiting purpose and sufficient financial means to cover the duration of his/her stay without work and have a return flight ticket (except for transport to mainland China or Macau County) before entry into the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region can be granted.

When the registrant receives permission to land in Hong Kong SAR, he will receive a landing card containing his name, his Indian passport number and the conditions and duration of his stay in Hong Kong SAR.

A person admitted to Hong Kong SAR as a visitor may not perform any paid or unpaid work, start a business or enterprise, or become a student at a school, university or other educational institution in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

When registering before arrival, the applicant must enter the correct information correctly. The information provided by the registrant upon registration prior to arrival must be identical to the information contained in his passport and he must use the same passport as the one accompanying him on his visit HKSAR. Otherwise, his registration will be cancelled before arrival. If the registration is not valid prior to arrival, the applicant will be taken on board Hong Kong by a means of transport (ship, aircraft, vehicle or other means of transport) intended for carriage and will enter Hong Kong on arrival.

In order to better plan your visit to Hong Kong, we recommend that you apply for PAR as soon as possible (4 to 6 weeks in advance). If your PAR visa application is not accepted or you wish to travel more than 14 days to Hong Kong, you can apply for a visa directly with Hong Kong Immigration. In order to facilitate the processing of your visa application, you must provide all the information requested at once.

Other relevant information, such as travel itinerary, a reference letter from Hong Kong respondent (if applicable), details of accompanying family members (if applicable) and their registration results PAR (if applicable), etc. may also be included with your visa application to expedite processing.

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